Just Write Already!

One excuse I hear from would-be writers is that they never know where to start. Here’s news -You don’t have to start at the beginning. Sometimes, there is so much focus on that great first sentence, or how to lead into something that it’s paralyzing. Instead, jump into the middle. If you have an idea for … Continue reading Just Write Already!

The Best Gifts are Books!

Back in the fall, PBS hosted “The Great American Read,” an eight-part TV series that explored and celebrated the power of reading, told through America’s 100 best-loved novels as chosen in a national survey. Testimonials from celebrities, authors, notable Americans and book lovers across the country filled the episodes, and books were divided into similar subjects such … Continue reading The Best Gifts are Books!


Thanksgiving is a day for Americans to gather together with family and friends for feasting and football. While many people consider the Pilgrims celebratory harvest feast in 1621 as the first Thanksgiving, the feast wasn’t repeated. In fact, to the pilgrims, a thanksgiving was a religious holiday spent in church thanking God for a specific … Continue reading WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? Books on Gratitude

The Girl Perspective

Last night, I attended a talk by Anne Boyd Rioux on her new book, “Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters.” It was an enlightening lecture by the English professor. Her website bio states “I am a writer and professor passionate about recovering women's voices and telling their … Continue reading The Girl Perspective

Tome for Treat? – Halloween costumes based on book characters

It’s almost Halloween! Do you have your costume yet? If not, take ideas from your favorite books. If you don’t feel too creative, there are plenty of store-bought costumes to go for, such as Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland. Feeling like a little challenge? You can buy retail items to combine and make your … Continue reading Tome for Treat? – Halloween costumes based on book characters


You may have heard the term “voice” in writing circles, particularly when applied to fiction. There are two very different definitions of voice in fiction writing though. The more obvious, thinking of your normal definition of voice, is how the character/narrator of the story comes across in their speech, mannerisms, and telling of the story.  … Continue reading WHO ARE YOU?  VOICE IN WRITING


I am fascinated by relationships and the way people interconnect.  You may have heard of the "six degrees of separation" theory.  It is the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six links.  With social media and other technology, it is easier to link to people and actually see those … Continue reading RELATIONSHIPS & CHARACTER BUILDING


Learn about how to develop your story characters.